Hoborg Labs Projects

This is the list of Open Source projects branded with HoborgLabs.

Display Service.

Display Service is a small & simple Symfony2 bundle for generating pages from XML data files using XSLT templates.

It is simple solution for your blog or homepage. You can generate files on-the-fly on your dev machine, and generate static HTML files for your production server.


It's all about widgets collecting data from all your systems. It's an aggregation tool. In most cases it's used with tools like splunk or graphite.


Dashboard is easy to setup, and allows you to plug in to your graphite.

Concept hub

Concept hub is a tiny side project. It should help you share your designs with your clients. It allows you to zoom in/out and drag images.


Hoborg CMS Architecture

  • Version control
  • Component based
  • Full preview
  • Continious content deployment