Trello and Xen Server

This is how I use trello board to keep a list of my VMs up to date :) It's of course all automated and definitely not a production environment solution ;)

Xen Server Board

It's main and only purpose is to allow anyone with access to Internet (and added to my trello board) to check which machine is running. It also provides basic information about memory usage, IP address, up time, ...

It's all very simple. Citrix provides you with Python lib for Xen API. You just have to run few simple curl calls to trello API, and you have your own VM trello board.

The same script is of course updating my other dashboard powered by HoborgLabs Simple Dashboard. Because it's public accessible, it only gives high level info about server status. This widget is now available on github.

I've tried to keep it simple and possibly reusable by anyone. All you need to do is to get few IDs from trello, few uuid from Xen and put it into config file.

trello.key = my-key
trello.token = my-token = abc123 = trello-card1-id = trello-card2-id

vm.status.halted = my-halted-list-id
vm.status.running = my-running-list-id

and that's it. Just add a cron job, and you are done.

/30 * * * * /var/srv/status/status-monitor-trello /var/srv/status/status-monitor-trello.ini