This is how to add dashboard to your website.

This blog describes how I added dashboard to website. You can check it out here. The initial version will display Jenkins jobs statuses.

download and Install

First I need a folder for 3rd party vendors, configs and widget's data files - easy!!

mkdir data
mkdir conf
mkdir htdocs/dashboard
mkdir -p vendors/dashboard
cd vendors/dashboard

Now I can download dashboard


Now ... dashboard.phar does not serves assets. But the default assets set comes in nice tgz. I will unzip it in vendors folder and symlink it from my public folder.

mkdir assets
tar -xzf dashboard-assets.tgz -C assets/
cd ../../htdocs/
ln -s ../vendors/dashboard/assets/ dashboard-assets

Now let's make our dashboard page. (We are still in htdocs/ folder)

vim dashboard/index.php

And this is what you put inside

define('HD_PUBLIC', '/dashboard-assets');
define('CONFIG_DIR', __DIR__ . '/../../conf/');
include_once __DIR__ . '/../../vendors/dashboard/dashboard.phar';

$kernel = new \Hoborg\Dashboard\Kernel('prod');

$kernel->setPath('data', array(__DIR__ . '/../../data'));
$kernel->setDefaultParam('conf', 'hoborglabs-dashboard');

// and go, go, go...

Dashboard Configuration.

Now we have to prepare configuration file for our dashboard.

cd ../
vim conf/hoborglabs-dashboard.json

and put this into your config file.

  "template" : "hoborg",
  "public" : "/dashboard-assets",
  "widgets" : [
      "name": "Jenkins Job Status",
      "footer": "hoborg/jenkins/widget.php",
      "size": "span8 autoHeight",
      "body" : "Loading Content...",
      "php": "hoborg/jenkins/widget.php",
      "conf" : {
        "data" : "jobs.json"

We also need empty list of json jobs for our widget.

echo "{}" > data/jobs.json

Preparing data and Cron Jobs.

Now we just need to set up a cron job which will be updating Jenkins job statuses.

vim bin/dashboard-cli.php

and that's what you need to put in that file

include_once __DIR__ . '/../vendors/dashboard/dashboard.phar';
$kernel = new \Hoborg\Dashboard\Kernel('prod');

$option = getopt('c:p:d:');

Now, let's get the data from Hoborg Labs jenkins view.

php bin/dashboard-cli.php -c widget.hoborg.jenkins.collector -d "url=" -d out=`pwd`/data/jobs.json

Now let's add it to crontab. Schedule the job wisely - if you project builds in 10min schedule it for every 10min, if you don't commit that often, just schedule it for every houer.

crontab -e
*/30 * * * * php bin/dashboard-cli.php -c widget.hoborg.jenkins.collector -d "url=" -d out=`pwd`/data/jobs.json