Hoborg Laboratories, check it out.

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Hoborg Labolatories is a home for all my projects. Obviousely it is all about Hoborg - the core project - Symfony2 Bundles and Components.

You can find out more about Hoborg CMS on its site. All projects in my lab are build and tested on Jenkins continues integration server. You can chekc health status of each project at ci01.hoborglabs.com

Build your own Dashboard

Hoborg Labolatories released Dashboard. It's free, easy to install and run, distributed dashboard. It comes with handy widgets for pulling data from Jenkins, Trello, Redmine, Github... HoborgLabs got one as well.

Do you have multiple servers in your infrastructure? Not a problem - just put a hoborglabs widget on your server and add it to your dashboard!

HoborgLabs Dashboard

Bye-bye Zend.

Hoborg Labs is moving away form Zend. Next stop: Symfony2, Doctrine2 and Behat2. First module on the list is HoborgCommons - which is now public project and you can find it on github!

On top of that Hoborg will be getting RESTful APIs. More information and docs comming soon.

What's new?

Hoborg Dashboard - It's a status board for Hoborg CMS vital signs. You can check progress, project health, and many more in one place.

Something missing? Let us know and we will add new graphs or stats.

About Me

All aspects of web application, focusing mainly on user experience, has been one of my life's passions. My interests cover the fields of service oriented applications, databases and distributed systems.

Hoborg CMS News

02 February 2012
Hoborg DisplayService phar will be available soon. Quick and easy way for displaying your website.

30 September 2011
Hoborg Commons is now available on github!

18 May 2011
Hoborg CMS 0.7 is almost ready. This version brings another bunch of stories for easier and richer page editing experience.